Product Features

Product features include :

  • Child & Parent Information
  • Invoices at a click of a button with the funding already deducted
  • Automated debt collection system (Optional)
  • Full sales ledger making it easy to manage your debt and produce statements.
  • Child & Child Care Centre Holidays automatically refunded at a rate chosen by you
  • All Extra Hours and Charges automatically added to each invoice
  • Discounts are easy to apply
  • Registers Weekly or Daily with Permissions list and Stats and keyworks reports.
  • Mobile Wifi PC Tablet registers for children and with staff management. (Optional)
  • Fire Drill records for Wifi PC Tablet systems.
  • Staff Details, staff rotas and staff level check, Sick/holiday management. (Optional)
  • Vacancy Checker for now and as many years in advance as you wish
  • Income forecast for any month in the future
  • Milk Reports, Just click your mouse on two different features and they are created in seconds !
  • Meal Lists
  • Dietary and Allergy details
  • Emergency contact info
  • Starters, Leavers, Movers and Changers Reports
  • Automatic Government Funding Refunds
  • Unlimited reporting.
  • Global management reports for Nursery Groups.

Basically ChildsPlay will cover any Administration duty you could ever wish to cover !

If it doesn’t, and we feel it will benefit a number of our customers, then we will add it !