Hosted Childsplay

We can now offer an online server service for ChildsPlayManager. This service allows multiple site nurseries to access their data from one secure location.

Each individual nursery site has access to their own data only, whereas Head Office Users or Owners have control of all nurseries (see Diagram below).


The online server system has the following advantages :

  • Secure Encrypted Connections from Work or Home
  • No Risk of Data Loss during Power Failures
  • Online Support and Assistance
  • No More Emailing Backups to Head Office
  • Online System can be used by Non-Windows Operating Systems (such as a Mac) without the use of Emulators
  • You can connect to ChildsPlayManager with most Tablets or Smart phones
  • No Risk of Data Loss during Hardware Failures
  • Head Office can run reports over several Nursery Sites at once